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Being a Woman.

Last night I was watching an episode of a show I have been binging for the past couple of days called "The Morning Show". I am going to...

Elixir de passion (part II)

Quelques mois après le mariage, Franck me demanda de quitter mon job, pour qu’on aille s’installer dans une autre ville. J’étais contre...

Elixir de passion (part I)

When I started this blog, one of my goals was to invite readers in my universe. Well today, I have a special treat for my french speaking...

Welcome to my journey!

I have loved writing from the time I was very young, I remember I used to write stories on the blackboard with chalk and how I loved...

15 fun facts about me

To quick off this journey I wanted to share 15 fun facts most of you probably did not know about me: Good food is one of the things that...

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