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Welcome to my journey!

I have loved writing from the time I was very young, I remember I used to write stories on the blackboard with chalk and how I loved reading to improve my vocabulary. Writing has always been an outlet for me and a way to express my creativity. My goal has always been to publish books and even work in the film industry as a writer. I have wanted to start a blog for about 5 years now, however my fear and my perfectionist tendencies held me back. I kept asking myself "what if people don't like what I am writing?", "what if I am boring?", "what if.." it was an endless spiral of "what ifs". Then I experienced sort of a wrtiter's block and I just stopped writing. When the quarantine happened with Covid19, I was looking for ways to reconnect with old hobbies and explore new ones and I thought about writing. I looked back at my old poems, novels and I reminisced how much I loved writing and how much it made me feel alive.

I told myself so what if people don't like what you'll put out there, in the words of my mentor :"will you die" ? "No", decided no more procrastinating, there is never going to be a time when I am ready. Then I had a conversation with my best friend during one of our instagram lives and she encouraged me to start now and not let fear get in the way, so I decided to finally took a leap of faith. I will be writing in two languages: french and in english.

This blog is about my journey home. Home to my authentic self, home to my roots, through my words I hope to encourage and inspire anyone embarking on the journey of self. My journey is not complete, I am still healing, I am still discovering myself , I am still growing; so together, let's walk towards freedom.

With love,

Live love laugh


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Magali Baleng
Magali Baleng
29. Sept. 2021

I am excited to read more pieces and learn more about you ❤️

Gefällt mir
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