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15 fun facts about me

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

To quick off this journey I wanted to share 15 fun facts most of you probably did not know about me:

  1. Good food is one of the things that bring me pleasure.

  2. Speaking of food, thai food is my favorite comfort food 😍

  3. I am an ambivert, with heavy introvert tendencies (this one confuses people a lot, although I like spending time with people, I reallyy enjoy my own company)

  4. I have a really good memory (I have been told this several times, 😌)

  5. Because of 4, I can be an excellent gift giver since I remember small details about people (gifts is my primary love language).

  6. I am the first born of a family of seven. For those of you who don't know I come from a pretty big family, I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers.

  7. I don't like watermelon. Every time I say this I get a side eye from my black people 😂 lol but I just can't eat watermelon, I can probably drink the juice from it

  8. I love reading, if I could take anything to a desert island it'd be a book for sure (you can always find a book in my bag). anyone who knows me knows the love and passion I have for books, it started at a pretty young age, I used to read magazines, newspapers, billboards, literally anything with words on it.

  9. I graduated high school at 15. I skipped a couple of grades, I was the youngest of my class, and was always treated like "the baby".

  10. Interior design is one my passion, I love decorating and just making a place feel like home. I might make this into a side hustle, who knows ?

  11. Maths is my favorite school subject. I always say if I did not major in engineering I would have probably majored in Maths. I love numbers so much !!

  12. I recently developed a passion for houseplants. I have a two cacti, a snake plant and an orchid, might add more to the collection, stay tuned 😉

  13. I am a (recovering) shopaholic. My guilty pleasures are bags and shoes. my love for shopping probably comes from the creative part of me that love putting outfits & colors together.(also thinking of turning this into a hustle? personal shopper maybe?)

  14. I can eat plantains all day everyday. If I had to choose a food that I could eat for the rest of my life, it'd probably be plantains, I love them fried, grilled, boiled you name it!

  15. I love traveling & exploring new places. My friends nicknamed me "Magellan" because every month or so I am off to a new destination. My goal is to do more international travels later on in life especially in Africa, I am ashamed to say I have probably visited more places in the US than in the motherland.

Now that you know a little bit about me, did any of this surprised you( for those of you who know me personally) please list in the comments 1 - 2 interesting facts about yourself.

Stay tuned for the next article.


Until next time,

Live love laugh


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Jan 02, 2022

i also don’t care for watermelon!! Is it the texture you don’t like? 😂 It’s all gritty lol. I didn’t know you graduated high school at 15 😳 which explains a lot and why I’ve been passing math and physics 😭😂😂.

Some people consider me an extrovert but I’d say extroverted introvert. And girl I might need to get me a house plant 🪴


Aug 29, 2021

I resonated with # 8. That's why I became a librarian. #13 I obsessed with bags and shoes too! And for #15 when you start visiting countries in Africa, let me know. (LOL) I'd love to tag along. Visiting the motherland is on my bucket list


Vanda Veys
Vanda Veys
Aug 29, 2021

I enjoyed reading this. I love that you are thinking about making your passions work for you financially as well! Interesting fact about me is I was named after a Guyanese lady of Polish descent. I got curious after a conversation with my aunt and fortunately ended up finding the women I was named after via a website article and then Face Book. She was shocked and happy to find out that my dad named me after her since they both lost contact with each other many years before I was born.

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